Welcome to the world of Ma’eron.

Ma’eron is an area of a long forgotten world consisting of three continents. Humans are said to have dominated the whole planet with towering cities and machines of great power. That all came to an end when the sky god destroyed them. Due to not being able to survive on the surface, this forced the remaining few to scurry underground. In this Age of Degeneration, humanity was reduced to a small number, had to adapt to a new environment and went back to their primal selves. As millennia went by, the world above was buried under the moving plates of earth.

Thus began the Age of Diminution in which new branches evolved and became the three proto-species of dwarves, gnomes, halflings. Over time these new species began to develop and were well adapted to the underground environment. These would later become known as the mountain dwarves, rock gnomes and stout halflings.

In the Age of Reemergence, some of the humans and some of the new species ventured to the surface. So much time had passed it was safe for them. They were astonished to see a wide range of beasts and green plant life here. The humans who stayed up here divided into tribes staying mostly near the plains. Dwarves stayed near the mountains and evolved into hill dwarves. There were some who found a home in the huge forested areas, like a large group of humans and gnomes. After countless millennia, another branch of humanoids developed which are the ancestors of the elves and the gnomes branched into forest gnomes.

In the Age of Expansion, the halflings who came above were never satisfied where they went so they kept moving. These evolved into lightfoot halflings. All humanoid species were still hunter gatherers and moved where the food went. Some took them far south, some far west, some far east and far north. Eventually some settled on the coasts. Each species adapted to their environment over 1,000s of generations which led to different strains. Some well suited for the arctic, sea, desert, and so on.

The fifth age, or Age of Magic, the world went through a vast change as beings from another plane in the multiverse collided their universe with this one. The difference in physics allowed great feats of power to be accomplished by either speaking a certain combination of vowels and consonants, gesticulation, and ingredients or calling upon beings of unknown origin, who came to be called The Divine.

In the Age of Monsters, creatures from other worlds grew hungry of the magical power this world held and came from other dimensions or planes seeking to gain it all for themselves. These were demons, devils, abberations, and the monstrous.

Buried Earth